Body wash, we use it every day when we shower to clean ourselves and to give us a refreshing smell throughout the day. The kind of body wash that you use is important, after all you are putting it on your skin on a daily basis, so you can imagine that the body wash you are using on your baby is even more important.

One reason that you should consider using a soap-free body wash for your baby is that many traditional, soap-based baby body washes include Sodium Lauryl Sulfate(SLS) as in ingredient. Although SLS is commonly used since it is very cheap, it can cause skin irritation in both humans an animals. To make matters worse, the manufacturing process of SLS results in it being contaminated by various carcinogens. (Check this website for awesome Organic baby products Another great reason to avoid soap based baby body washes like the plague is that they contain chemical preservatives. These chemical preservatives are often used in a variety of fragrance products, often they are seen in the form of ingredients such as butylparaben, methylparaben, and propylparaben. When entering the body, chemical preservatives act like estrogen; tampering of the body's estrogen levels has been found to play a significant role in the development of cancer.

Chemical fragrances smell amazing, there is no denying that. These fragrances are found in just about every body product we use, from soaps, and shampoos, to perfumes and body washes. Chemical fragrances are especially bad when they are in products that we use on our children. Fragrances like these are not only be a strong irritant to a baby's respiratory system, but they also affect the hormone levels of infants, as well as putting these children at risk of liver and breast cancer.

One of the reasons that many people might be hesitant to buy a soap-free baby wash is that they feel like their options are limited. After all if you go into any traditional store, only looking for all natural, safe beauty products to use then its pretty easy to feel defeated by the lack of options. The great thing about the internet is that people looking for, safe, healthy, quality products have so many more options. A quick web search reveals countless soap free beauty products that can be ordered and delivered to your house with only a few clicks, often times at prices lower than what you would find at the supermarket or drug store. Beauty products are everywhere, with so many options its easy to feel overwhelmed and confused. Every parent only wants whats best for their baby. That should include making sure that only safe, all natural, soap free body wash is used on their baby's delicate skin. The affects on traditional body washes on a baby can be devastating, from immediate issues like difficulty breathing and an all around assault on the infants respiratory tract, to long term problems like an increased risk for developing breast or liver cancer. The benefits to soap free baby body wash are undeniable, and any parent should be willing to put just as much thought into what goes on their baby's skin as they do their own.