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What Do You Need For Professional Stage Lighting

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Everything is going according to plan. The actors are rehearsing, the props are ready to go, and it seems as if nothing can go wrong. You want to shine some light on the stage, but you're aren't sure you know what to do. You're going to need to buy some equipment first, but it isn't too hard to set up. If you have the patience, you'll find professional stage lighting is easy to pull off with the right amount of effort. All you need to do is focus on what you want to put on stage, and you'll find what you're looking for.

Professional stage lighting is what makes the experience of concerts and theaters unique. We can watch movies at home whenever we want to, and our streaming apps give us all the songs we can ask for. These live, public events need to give the crowd something they'll never find elsewhere. Professional stage lighting can give every show a specific look and feel. A concert in Atlanta will have a specific vibe thanks to LED lights, but a show in Chicago will seem completely different thanks to another lighting choice. You'll have to be careful about what you buy, but professional stage lighting is something every performer can have.

The Equipment You're Going To Need

The equipment you'll need requires five main parts. First, you're going to need the light housing to keep everything together. Within this housing, you'll place the lamps, reflectors, and lenses together in order to bring the system to life. The equipment necessary for professional stage lighting isn't too expensive, but you'll want to shop around in order to find something that suits your needs. Professional stage lighting systems will need at least five lamps, but you might want to adjust that number depending on the size of your stage. If your stage covers a dozen more feet than normal, you may want to add a couple more lamps to the lighting system.

You can purchase your equipment as a set or as individual pieces. It's cheaper to buy things in a bundle, but you have set options. If you want to have a unique presentation, you'll want to buy your equipment separately. Test out a variety of lights before you decide on what to buy. You'll want to experiment with different combinations in order to find something that matches what you prefer. After you've put some thought into your choice, you'll have the professional stage lighting you need.

Setting Things Up

When you decide you want to set everything up, you'll want to start with the housing. After you finish setting up the system frame, start adding lights to it. You'll need to make sure the lights don't overlap each other. If the lights overlap, some parts of the stage will be too bright. For theatrical events, you'll want to spread your lighting across the stage in order to give the audience a clear view. If you're preparing for a concert, it's better to focus on the center stage. Musical performers don't tend to move very often so there is less of a need to follow them.

You'll need to do some trial and error before you have the system that suits your stage. You'll want a lighting system with a broad focus, but you'll need to narrow your focus on occasions. It's easy to make mistakes when you experiment, but you'll learn from them. As your performers move across the stage, you'll need to keep the focus on them. Place lighting on all sides of the stage in order to achieve this effect. If it's done correctly, the entire stage will shine brightly.

Professional Stage Lighting For Concerts

While people come to concerts for the music, they'll want to see their favorite performers on stage. The right lighting system can make a massive difference in terms of what the crowd experiences. You'll want to make sure you keep everything focused on the front and center of the stage so you'll need a stage lighting system with a few strong lamps. Many concerts use smoke and lasers to add to the stage lighting, and you'll need to take this into consideration. Traditional yellow stage lights are simply not appropriate for concerts involving the use of smoke, but you'll probably find red lights work better for this situation.

The best stage lights for concerts are usually LED. You can use LED lights to produce a wide range of effects and they're easier to set up. A typical concert is going to last more than a few hours as various warm-up acts fill up the time. Each musical act is going to have its unique look to it, but you'll want to have a stage lighting system with versatility. LED lights are perfect for customizing the stage to reflect your needs as they happen to arise.

Choosing The Right Lights For Theater

Theatrics requires dynamic stage lighting at all times. You'll need to buy a stage lighting system designed to give you control over the lighting of the entire stage. If you have an actor performing a dance or running across the stage, you're going to need a way of keeping the focus on them. Avoid skimping on the number of lights you purchase. Buying too few will be much more of a problem than buying too many.

Regardless of what your theater show is going to involve, you'll need to have spotlights. It's simply impossible to have a great show going on without the ability to focus on specific actors. The essential spotlights for theater lighting systems are Fresnel lanterns and profile spots. Fresnel lanterns give the stage a "soft" lighting for those times when you need to give the crowd a full view of the action. Your profile spotlights will play a less important role on stage, but they are still key to the performance. Adjust them so that there are profile lights on all sides of the stage.

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