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Facts about Australia

  1. Australia containts about 4000 types of ants and 1500 types of spiders.
  2. If a citizen in Australia is 18 years old and over, it is compulsory for them to vote in elections.
  3. Swimming at public beaches is illegal.
  4. Melbournian is what you call a person who lives in Melbourne.
  5. Australia is the driest land on Earth next to Antarctica.
  6. Uluru also known as Ayers Rock is the largest monolith on Earth.
  7. The country has the largest public tram system.
  8. Canberra, not Sydney is the capital of Australia.
  9. Australia has more camels than compared to Egypt.
  10. There are many places to visit in Australia.
  11. Legal drinking age is 18 and over.
  12. You can enjoy many interesting activities in Australia.
  13. Austrlia is very popular around the world.
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